In Memoriam

Lillian Goodman


Lillian Goodman grew up on the west side of Chicago above her parent’s candy store. She would dedicate her life to her family and to making life better for those in need. “Her first goal was to raise a happy family and then to give back to the community who had helped her,” recalled her son Gary. “I don’t remember when she wasn’t working with some organization. Whether it was feeding people or providing medical care, she always worked closely with my father who saw it as a responsibility to give back to the Chicago community.” A graduate of Marshall High School, she married Air Force Lieutenant Lawrence Goodman during World War II. Returning to Chicago after the war, she raised four children while attending the Adult Program at the University of Chicago and helping Larry to build a successful business career. In their philanthropy as in life, the Goodmans were a tightly knit team. Lillian created the environment to make things happen, whether funding educational projects in Israel or supporting cultural and social welfare projects in Chicago. Lillian will always be remembered for her devotion to improving the quality of life for those in need.