For Immediate Release – March 4, 2011


Skokie foundation grants support for teen prevention musical

(SKOKIE) TheCebrin Goodman Center, an affiliate of the Lillian and Larry Goodman Foundationsrecently granted $65,000 to the R.Ed.I Arts and Education for their musical program StandUP! Change Teen Statistics. The prevention theater production depicts the real life stories of a large socially, economically, and culturally diverse group of teens and focuses on issues such as alcohol and drug abuse. The grant money will be used to provide subsidies to school districts that cannot afford the standard $2500 show fee.

StandUP! Change Teen Statistics  features original music and script commissioned by the R.Ed.I Arts and Education Foundation (R.Ed.I), a non-partisan, non-profit organization based in the Chicago area. The production features a diverse cast of 10 young actors age 16-24 depicting situations drawn from interviews with teenagers. The show has been playing to high school and educational conference audiences throughout the Midwest and is receiving inquiries from school and organizations around the country.

Recent proposed government budget cuts to prevention programs are putting organizations and programs such as R.Ed.I’s in jeopardy. “Mr. Goodman has literally given us wings. This grant money is so highly appreciated,” said Kimberly Farah, executive director of R.Ed.I,. “We are grateful to be able to bring this show to every student it can serve. This gift makes it possible for at least an additional twenty-four thousand youth to see the program.”

The Second City, also a partner of R.Ed.I, will host a private performance of StandUP! Change Teen Statistics on March 18. This event will publicly recognize Mr. Goodman for his support of drug prevention education.

For more information on the R.Ed.I Arts and Education Foundation, StandUp! Change Teen Statistics, or if you would like to come to The Second City March 18 at 10:30 am to see a performance of the show, please contact Kimberly Farah at 630-876-0100 or

For more information about the Cebrin Goodman Center at the Lillian and Larry Goodman Foundations, contact Susan Baum, 847.674.1400 ext. 223 or email

The Lillian and Larry Goodman Foundationsis a family foundation dedicated to strengthening Jewish life in Chicago and Israel, as well as improving the quality of life within the Chicago metropolitan area by supporting secular organizations that address hunger issues and promote the prevention of drug abuse.  The Lillian and Larry GoodmanFoundations are based in Skokie, Illinois.