Inaugural awards ceremony and symposium on stigma in prevention to be held October 11, 2012


Skokie, October 5, 2012 – The Cebrin Goodman Center, an affiliate of the Lillian and Larry Goodman Foundations, has chosen Robert Grupe as the first annual recipient of the Goodman Award for Excellence in Drug Abuse Prevention. The award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the field of substance abuse prevention and the recipient receives $10,000. The awards ceremony will be held at Roosevelt University at 3 pm on October 11, 2012. The event is co-sponsored by the Cebrin Goodman Center and Roosevelt University’s Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy and Roosevelt University College of Education.

For 15 years Mr. Grupe served as prevention coordinator for Heartland Human Services providing leadership and guidance to the entire community. He has taught life skills to over 3,000 Effingham sixth and eighth graders, created programs that reached thousands of teens about the dangers of using drugs, and has written articles and provided training on topics including leadership and drug trends. In addition to his professional involvement, Mr. Grupe spends countless volunteer hours organizing community health fairs, leading teens in local drug prevention efforts including Operation Snowball and as a staff member with the Illinois Alcoholism Drug Dependence Association’s summer Teen Institute program.  

In addition Marcia Doniger, president of Northbrook Citizens for Drug and Alcohol Awareness, will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for three decades of fostering substance abuse prevention in her community. Ten individuals from across the state of Illinois will also be recognized as Outstanding Preventionists of the year.

An educational symposium follows the award ceremony; this year’s theme is Stigma in Prevention. Author and Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg will deliver the keynote speech and share his own struggles with alcohol. A panel of experts will discuss the role of stigma in substance use and abuse.

The Cebrin Goodman Center has awarded millions of dollars in grants to local and national teen drug prevention programs. Ten years ago, Lillian and Larry Goodman’s granddaughter Cebrin lost her battle with drug addiction. “Educating teens, parents, and communities about substance abuse is the answer,” said Larry Goodman, chairman. “Our mission is to spare other families the pain of losing a loved one.”

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