Do you accept unsolicited proposals?

No. Only invited applicants are welcome to complete the Grant Inquiry Form by contacting the Foundation.

What are the Foundation’s priority areas?

The Foundation’s current funding areas are: Jewish causes in Chicago and the Negev, Modern Israel History in summer camps, hunger relief and the prevention of drug abuse in the Chicago region.

Are there geographic limits to your grant making?

The majority of our grant recipients are located in the Chicago area and in the area of Be’er Sheva, Israel and the surrounding Negev. We do occasionally make grants to statewide and national organizations, or those whose local work is focused elsewhere, in support of one of the Foundation’s priority areas.  

Is there a maximum size for grants?

No. The grant award amount depends on how strong of a fit the proposed work is to the Foundation's program priorities and the scope of the project. Please ask the program officer for guidance in determining the size of your request.

Do you make multi-year grants?

The grant duration depends on the scope of work proposed. Multi-year grants are not uncommon.

Do you provide general operating support or must we apply for specific project funds?

We provide both general operating support and project support. You should discuss the type of funding you need with the program officer.

What about capital campaigns?

The Foundation does make grants to organizations who aspire to build or renovate places of business, or purchase or refurbish capital as needed. The organization’s mission must be consistent with the foundation’s interest areas.

What types of grants will the foundation not consider?

Grants will not be made for the following:

  • Individuals
  • Political campaigns or endeavors
  • Solely for the conduct of a conference, festival, exhibition, or meeting including incidental and related expenses
  • Reduction or liquidation of existing debt
  • Organizations that are not currently recognized by the IRS as possessing exempt status under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Code.

What type of reporting is required after a grant has been approved?

The number and frequency of grant reports are dependent on the project and time frame for the grant. Grant reporting requirements are clearly outlined in the Grant Agreement document when the grant is awarded.